Unleaded Petrol


SGC Unleaded Petrol (Coastal) – a 95-octane (Research Method) unleaded petrol, suitable for high compression ratio, unleaded petrol- compatible engines at low altitudes ( below 1200 metres)
Formulated For:
• Easy starting
• Good acceleration
• Anti- knock protection throughout the engine speed range
• Improved fuel  economy
• Corrosion protection and catalyst-friendly
• Advanced deposit-control additive package cleans the intake valves, injectors and combustion chambers



SGC Automotive Diesel 500/50PPM Low Sulphur. A top-quality, distillated fuel specification refined for powering all types of medium-and high speed diesel engine, as fitted to cars, trucks, buses, tractors, equipment, power station engines, etc

Formulated For:
• Easy starting
• Smooth combustion
• Fuel pump lubrication
• Minimum deposits, corrosion and wear

Afia Fruit Juices


SGC is the sole distributor of Afia Range products across Zambia. The alluring taste of Afia Juices is the result of nature being tweaked innovatively to offer its raw goodness. Afia Juices will go beyond quenching your thirst, and allow you to benefit from an array of essential nutrients, vitamins and minerals. Afia Juices are available in these flavours: Apple, Mango, Orange, Mixed Fruit, Multi-Vitamin, White Guava, Pink Guava, Lemon, Pineapple, Hibiscus and Tropical Carrot. Afia Juices are packed in PET 300ml and 500ml and Tetra Pack 250ml and 1litre.


Air Pressure


Keeping the correct air pressure in your tires helps your tires last longer, helps your car handle better and safer, and helps you save money on fuel.Most people forget about their tires until something goes wrong. The truth is, tires lose pressure daily..All our SGC filling Stations will provide you air pressure services  that you check air pressure every other time you stop to fill up your gas tank